Reliable complex care in Solihull

Complex care means providing the extra support needed to help people live at home when they have long-term medical conditions that make daily life more difficult. We offer complex care in Solihull for a variety of conditions, including:

Life after a stroke

Readjusting to life after a stroke can be difficult. It’s common to feel anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed, angry or fearful for the future. We help people to feel in control again, with support such as:

  • getting the day off to a good start by helping you to get up, washed and dressed
  • practical help around the house, including laundry and shopping
  • support to do the things you love and visit the people you want to see
  • encouragement to relearn skills and discover new ways of managing day-to-day tasks as part of your rehabilitation
  • preparing nutritious meals and providing support to help you eat and drink well
  • assistance taking medication and ensuring your prescriptions are filled on time
  • a night time call to help you into bed.

And we can provide long or short-term 24-hour live-in care depending on your needs.


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Living with arthritis can be painful and debilitating, and daily tasks can become challenging. We provide assistance to help people carry on doing the things they love to do and to keep the house in order. We can carry shopping, open packaging, and make sure medication is taken at the right time. We also encourage gentle exercise to promote mobility and reduce stiffness, pain and fatigue while building muscle and bone strength.







Managing diabetes can mean making significant lifestyle changes, and we can provide support at every step of the way, from helping to make healthier food choices, to ensuring regular meals are eaten to balance blood sugar levels. We encourage an active lifestyle, which is also great for mental health and preventing falls. Our carers are trained to recognise the signs of hypoglycaemia, help check glucose levels and provide practical support to manage symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision and cravings.




Hypertension, also called high blood pressure, increases your risk of developing ill health. We can help you make small lifestyle changes that make a real difference, such as:

  • reducing salt, saturated fat and sugar in your diet
  • guidance on how to buy and prepare healthier food and drink
  • incorporating regular exercise with achievable goals into your routine
  • keeping up with social activities that make you feel good
  • support taking medication and attending appointments.

Our carers are there to listen to your concerns and encourage you to keep on track with your goals.


Parkinson’s disease

Living with Parkinson’s disease can be physically, emotionally and socially challenging. Whether you or your loved one are coping with a recent diagnosis or managing the advanced stages of the disease, we can provide trusted homecare to help you live independently at home and manage your symptoms.

As well as traditional homecare services, we’ll help you continue with your hobbies and social activities, provide cognitive stimulation with reading or a good chat, and help you take exercise to strengthen muscles and increase mobility.

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For more information about our live-in care and home care in Birmingham, please contact our friendly team on  0121 227 5546 or complete our contact us form and we will be in touch.

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