Compassionate dementia care in Solihull

Midlands Community Homecare is owned and run by healthcare professionals, which means we’re uniquely placed to understand the delicate balance of meeting the physical and emotional needs of people living with dementia. We’re certified by Dementia Friends and our registered manager is a Dementia Friends Champion, which means she actively dedicates time volunteering to support those with dementia in the community.

Our carers have undertaken extensive training to learn what it feels like to live with dementia so they can better understand and support your loved one. We understand that what you need from us the most is peace of mind that your loved one is safe and content, and we can be there to make sure they don’t wander off, hurt themselves or become distressed.

With the right support, we help people living with dementia to feel more empowered and independent at home, and the type and level of care can be adjusted as the condition progresses and your loved one’s needs change.

What’s involved in dementia care?

Just like other types of care, support is tailored around the individual, taking into account their needs, requirements and safety. Here are some common worries we hear from relatives of a person living with dementia.

Is my loved one eating properly and staying hydrated?

We can visit at mealtimes to prepare nutritious meals and make sure your loved one is eating and drinking enough. If they prefer to cook for themselves we can keep them company to make sure they are safe in the kitchen and that all equipment is switched off and put away after use. We’ll also muck in with the washing up.



What if my loved one has a fall and doesn’t know who to call for help?

During an initial assessment we’ll check the property for any trip hazards and make suggestions to minimise the risk of a fall. We can check in regularly, so your loved one is never left alone for more than a few hours, and you can equip them with a wearable panic button to call for help.

Will my loved one remember to attend appointments and take medication?

We can accompany your loved one on the way to appointments, or for other trips such as shopping and meeting friends, to make sure they arrive safely and on time. We can take them to collect prescriptions and be there when it’s time to take medication. Using our digital app, you can log-in remotely to get peace of mind that we’ve marked every dose they’ve taken on their activity tracker.

What if my loved one feels lonely?

Our carers will be a familiar face and companion to your loved one. We take the time to get to know their hobbies and interests so we can have fulfilling conversations and share hobbies together. We’re fully trained to respond sensitively to memory lapses to avoid your loved one feeling confused or disoriented. We love being part of the local community, and encourage the people we work with to get out and about to maintain their social connections.

How can I find carers I can trust?

Finding people you can trust to look after your loved one can feel overwhelming. We have had specialist training in how to care for people living with dementia and our digital tracker means you can access full care records and get updates in real time. Being a local, independent homecare provider means we can focus on people over profit, and your loved one won’t be getting a revolving door of faceless agency staff. We pride ourselves on comprehensive care with a focus on companionship and wellbeing, so your loved one will be in safe hands with us.



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